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Brasilia is the Federal capital of Brazil and as of 2014, it was the fastest growing city in Brazil. With over 2.4 million residents, Brasilia is only 50,00 resident short of becoming the third largest city in Brazil. The city holds all three branches of the Federal government of Brazil,

Unlike other cities in Brazil, Brasilia is a city full of wealth due to its’ high concentration of government workers, along with its’ rich banking and finance sectors. In addition, there are several large communication and entertainment companies headquartered in Brasilia, which is why there is an abundance of wealth in the city.

To accommodate the wealth and flow of international guests, Brasilia has some of the classiest and most upscale restaurants, lounges, and hotels in all of Brazil. The night scene may be classier, but it is still vibrant and lively. The carnival celebration in Brasilia is one of the largest and celebrations are held in Brasilia all year.

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Nightlife in Brasilia

Bar Brasilia: Bar Brasilia is an old-fashioned Brazilian bar that offers a charming, warm dining and drinking experience to all guests. Inside the bar, you’ll notice the décor is classy and stylish, yet there is no pretentious feeling to the bar whatsoever.

Beer is really the staple drink at Bar Brasilia and you’ll find it easy to keep drinking and lounging as the attentive staff continues to refill your beer before your glass is actually empty. It’s easy to get lost in time after spending a few hours relaxing and enjoying the mellow mood at Brasilia. If you’re looking to grab a few bites to eat, Bar Brasilia is a great place to go as well.

Objecto Encontrado: Objecto Encontrado is a coffeeshop in Brasilia that not only serves coffee, but also has a large selection of premium whiskey, scotch, and bourbons. Many patrons claim Objecto has one of the best selections of whiskeys in all of Brasilia.

In addition to serving coffee and whiskey, Objecto has a light menu of appetizers and desserts to choose from in the event you find yourself with the desire to get something quick to eat. If you aren’t hungry though you can still relax and enjoy a nice coffee or whiskey as you get ready for the rest of your day.

Objecto has a decent amount of outdoor seating available, which is great for lounging and hanging out as you people watch or hang out with friends. As with many bars in Brasilia, Objecto is meant for people to lounge and hang out, and if you head there you may find yourself losing track of time as you relax outside in the warm Brasilia weather.

Bar Brahma: Bar Barahma is a local favorite and as you could imagine, the bar is sponsored by the Brazilian beer maker Brahma. The bar is large and spacious and there are TVs lined throughout the bar to watch football matches. Come early though, because Bar Brahma becomes incredibly crowded during football matches, so it may be difficult to get a good seat.

The own drawback to Bar Brahma is that it does not cater to international guests. It truly is a local bar. Most of the servers will not speak English and service is offered based on Brazilian standards, not international standards.

Overall, Bar Brahma is a good place to go if you want to see what a truly Brazilian bar is like. It is a great spot to watch a football match though so football fans may want to give it a shot even though Bar Brahma doesn’t really cater to international patrons.